US "Look" Prop Currency

PROP Bundles - $12.50 each

$10 - $20 - $50 - $100

These have a double-sided Bill on top and bottom, and 100 blank bills in between.
Each blank filler note has a custom border printed in the same colour as the top and bottom notes, so
These bundles are fillers, used in a “briefcase”, or a bank truck, bank vault, casino etc.
The bundle does not get the “WHITE” sided look.

"HERO" BUNDLES - $29.50 each

$20 - $50 - $100

This allows for the bundle to be flipped through, or broken down and split apart.
These are 100 double-sided bills bundled together.
We use these for the Cash Cannon.

Cash Cannon

$125.00 Purchase

$30/day Rental

Making it rain money! The CASH CANNON will make it rain American Dollars (Canadian bills are a little too large), our awesome US prop currency,coloured paper, or promotional material at the pull of a trigger. Load it with 50-100 bill-sized papers at a single time then press the trigger. The CASH CANNON will fit any United States dollar or items of similar size.

Great for birthdays,marketing,sporting events and just aout any celebration. Check out the Cash Cannon in action on our video site HERE.

$1.6 Million US Block

$75.00/day Rental

$1,600,000 US in $10,000 Bundles
Great for Film or Set Dressing