AirMagic’s palette of effects includes indoor, outdoor, rooftop and close proximity fireworks and pyrotechnics; confetti, streamers, bubbles, snow, lasers, flame, fog, water mist, animated fountains, propane, butane, and custom effects.

Indoor/Stage PyroTechnics

Today's Indoor or Stage Pyrotechnics have come a long way from the days of flashpots and black powder. These safe, high-quality products are specifically designed and manufactured for live performance, concerts, events and the film and television industry
We have Gerb Fountains, Airbursts, Mines, Comets, Line Rockets, Flash Paper Screens, Mini Smoke effects, Coloured Pyro Effects and Pyro Waterfalls.
If you want something you haven't seen, just ask. With enough lead-time we can have effects custom-made for your event!

Cake Fountain/Ice Fountains

These mini-pyrotechnic effects are available for consumer/retail use (Cake Fountain) and professional use (Ice Fountain). When lit they emit a 40 second fountain of bright white sparkles, leaving no residue.
We use Ice Fountains, fired electronically, for pyro signage, tabletop and centerpiece pyro and other mini-pyro applications.
Cake Fountains are used as cake toppers or in high-end bars for VIP bottle service.

PyroTechnic Signs

In the trade these are called "Lance & Frame" - named after the tiny burning flares - the Lance - whose points of light form the image, and the Frame that the Lance are attached to. This is no longer just an outdoor-only option. For indoor signage, we use a low-smoke product, the Ice Fountain that emulates the Lance, and allows us to spell out your message in bright silver letters (see Cake Fountain/Ice Fountain).

Close Proximity Fireworks

Aerial fireworks have gone through a major revolution that led to the development of a new family of fireworks called Close Proximity Pyrotechnics or 'Close Prox'.
With Display Fireworks we have to shoot hundreds of feet from our audience. With Close Prox we can shoot substantially closer to our audience while still reaching the same impressive heights, which allows us to shoot from rooftops, awnings, bridges and right in the downtown core.
These Comets, Mines, Crossettes and Skybursts are clean, fallout free and reach heights of up to 350'

Display Fireworks

We “paint the sky” with Display Fireworks. We have years of experience shooting spectacular low, mid-level and aerial Fireworks displays and custom Fireworks signs outdoors.

We can design a show to suit your needs and can shoot from rooftops, barges or from traditional locations like fields, bridges, or large open spaces.

Our palette of Display Fireworks includes Aerial Shells, Bombardos, Comets, Mines, Roman Candles, Waterfalls, Nautical Shells and Fireworks Signs.

Confetti and Streamers

AirMagic’s depth of product knowledge and show experience makes us the logical choice for Confetti and Streamer effects. We have a vast array of projection devices, including High Pressure Air Cannons, Hand-held Streamer and Confetti Guns, and powerful Confetti Blasters (shooting up to one pound of confetti per second) and extensive experience creating these effects indoors and out.

This type of effect has the potential to be HUGE!!!

We shoot Flame Proof Tissue-paper and Mylar Confetti, Flutter-Fetti, Streamers, Custom-printed die-cut Confetti, Canadian Flags, and Puff Tails.

Confetti Blaster

Using Liquid CO2, these Confetti Blasters shoot up to a pound of confetti per second. They consume approximately one pound of liquid CO2 per second.

High Pressure Confetti Cannons

These units can be hung from a truss or placed on the floor. With a 24" x 2" barrel, they shoot 100 Streamers or one pound of Confetti up to 30 feet.

Handheld Confetti/Streamer Guns

These 30" x 1" PVC devices use a disposable CO2 cartridge and hold approx. 0.5lbs of confetti or streamers. They shoot approximately 20 feet, and require no setup or tear down.

AirMagic Puff Tails

Pufftails are a custom-branded ribbon attached to a 2" PomPom ball. Shot from our Blasters, they are a spectacular visual and a unique souvenir.

Water Fountains - Architectural

Both of these Fountains have an on-board pump that recirculates the water, as you can see in the pictures.
They can be run in the “Dry” or in the midst of one of our larger Dancing Fountain activations.
Note – There is a small amount of splash, especially from the taller one. We suggest surrounding the base with Greens and/or Florals.

48" Lower Bowl - 84" High

48" Lower Bowl - 48" High

Water Effects and Features

We are always working to find new and exciting ways to use water – water, like fire, is naturally spellbinding, creating awe and ahh’s.

AirMagic can create a wide variety of custom-designed water effects – from a slow drip of water on stage, to traditional rainfall or a simple pool of water – we have the pumps, the pieces and the expertise for all your water ideas.

Static and Animated Fountains

Both our Animated and Static Water Fountains will soothe, thrill and mesmerize.

Our Animated Water Fountains are microprocessor controlled, “dancing water fountains” that can be sized and programmed to meet your requirements.

We can also create a Reflecting Pool with a logo on the bottom, a Table Top Fountain for the buffet table, a Floating Fountain in a swimming pool or a 80' long Multi-Feature Fountain in a ballroom.

We design and install Water Features indoor and out, for one-off events or extended durations.

The challenge with water is to maximize the height and minimize the splash.

Our mantra is "Keep the Carpet Dry". We've spent many years refining our technique.

Coloured Water

AirMagic can colour water in existing fountains and water. The products we use are specifically designed for this purpose and are safe, environmentally friendly, easy to apply and make it easy to restore the water to it’s original state.

Water Mist Effects

Water Mist Effects are created when water at City water pressure is run through a high-pressure pump and fed out at 1000 PSI to a series of .008” “No-Drip, Instant ON/OFF” nozzles creating a fine mist.
This is an excellent cost-effective solution for outdoor fog or smoke that needs to run for a long duration. This effect works well in existing fountains or pools.

Flame and Fire Effects

We are Flame and Fire experts - using Propane, Butane, Methane, Isopropyl, Natural Gas or liquid flammables and Artificial flame effects - indoors and outdoors. Our services include design and fabrication, managing the TSSA and Fire Department approval process, supplying trained and qualified personnel and training your staff.

Propane Flame

We use Propane outdoors in a variety of applications to create bright and mesmerizing flame effects – from Braziers mounted on truss or on the top of a marquee to realistic Bonfires to Fire Sculpture.
Propane can be used to supply flames that burn all night or flames that light and extinguish on cue. We have a lot of experience using propane on stage, from Opera to Magic Shows to Rock N’ Roll.

Propane is provincially regulated in Canada. In Ontario, the TSSA inspects and approves every installation.

Coloured Flame Projector

The PRISM Coloured Flame unit is DMX operated and uses a purpose-made and patented fluid to shoot Red, Green, Blue, Purple or Orange flame up to 12 feet in the air. Up to four colors can be loaded into each unit. There is onboard flame safeguard technology to ensure safe and reliable coloured flame effects.

Coloured Flame Gel

Standing coloured flame is available in many stand-alone formats like the 20 minute coloured flame gel packs, offered in 7 vivid colors.

Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron Garden Torches

We have a selection of stainless steel and wrought iron Garden Torches that can be used with a variety of different fuels depending on the location and the duration required. These are an excellent option when looking to add ambiance to any outdoor space. Torches can be arranged along a pathway, around a pool or on the perimeter of any outdoor space.

Alcohol Fireplace Inserts

Designed for indoor use, these safe and reliable stainless steel units burn an ultra-clean proprietary alcohol fuel and DO NOT require venting. The easily adjustable flame burns many hours between refills. Alcohol flame units can be built into sets, scenery, decor vignettes, bars or buffet tables and even solid ice.

Artificial Flame

Authentic looking artificial flame is created using light, air and silk. Artificial flame comes in a number of 120 volt and battery-operated options from hanging bowls to "Olympic" Flames to hand-held "Olympic" Torches, both off the shelf and custom-made to suit your application. Artificial flame effects are best suited to indoor applications.

LeTorcia Self-Lighting Butane Torch

The LeTorcia is an off-the-shelf hand-held butane torch. This 18" long cylinder comes complete with adjustable flame, dead-man switch and 2 oz. butane cartridge. It can be used by itself or built into a prop or piece of scenery.

Artificial Olympic Flame and Torches

Artificial, Propane or battery-powered, we've got the goods for your Olympic events.

Laser Effects

AirMagic is very excited about our partnership with Canada's premier Laser provider giving us access to the most talented Laser designers and technicians and the most advanced Laser technology available today..

Lasers have come a long way - no more high voltage, water and drain lines.

The new Diode technology has shrunk the Laser itself to a footprint of less than two feet square. They can be hung on truss and only need a 15amp circuit.

Your custom Laser Display will feature crisp, bright Beams and Atmospherics, Graphics and Logos, all set to the music of your choice.

Fall Arrest Equipment

AirMagic is now Stocking Fall Arrest Equiment.
Currently In Stock:

One Size fits all 350lbs Adult Full Body Harness (Made in Canada) -$120.00
6' Energy Absorbing Lanyard (Made in Canada) -$100.00

Cash Cannon

Making it rain money! The CASH CANNON will make it rain American Dollars (Canadian bills are a little too large), our awesome US prop currency,coloured paper, or promotional material at the pull of a trigger. Load it with 50-100 bill-sized papers at a single time then press the trigger. The CASH CANNON will fit any United States dollar or items of similar size.

Great for birthdays,marketing,sporting events and just aout any celebration. Check out the Cash Cannon in action on our video site HERE.


US "Look" Prop Currency

"HERO" BUNDLES - $29.50 each

$20 - $50 - $100

This allows for the bundle to be flipped through, or broken down and split apart.
These are 100 double-sided bills bundled together.
We use these for the Cash Cannon.

PROP Bundles - $7.50 each

$10 - $20 - $50 - $100

These have a double-sided Bill on top and bottom, and 100 blank bills in between.
Each blank filler note has a custom border printed in the same colour as the top and bottom notes, so
These bundles are fillers, used in a “briefcase”, or a bank truck, bank vault, casino etc.
The bundle does not get the “WHITE” sided look.

Puff Cigarettes

Realistic looking "lit" cigarette. Allows you to blow smoke onstage without inhaling or burning anything.



CO2 Liquid CO2, released into the air, creates a solid white smoke effect. Unlike smoke, CO2 dissipates instantly. CO2 can be used for a quick change or reveal. CO2 effects can be built into a set or decor, and can shoot vertically, horizontally, or at any angle. The quality of CO2 effects is dependent on temperature and humidity.

CO2 Ice-Jets

These electronically fired CO2 Jets shoot a 20' long, thick white stream high into the air. They can be shot vertically, horizontally or at any angle. These are now the must-have in any rock concert and stage show.

CO2 Bazooka

Using a hand-held trigger gun and drawing CO2 from a siphon tank, the CO2 Bazooka’s are manually fired to create a white plume of CO2


Haze creates an unobtrusive, homogeneous cloud in the air intended primarily to reveal lighting or laser beams. This effect is produced using a Haze machine and water based Haze fluid.

Low Smoke/Ground Fog Effects

Fog/Smoke effects can be created using Dry Ice, Fog fluid or Liquid CO2 chilled fog. We have a variety of machines that can be used to cover the smallest stage or the largest ballroom, for moments or hours.


The LSG (Low Smoke Generator) combines a smoke machine and a chiller chamber. Liquid CO2, at -165o C is injected into the chamber creating a thick and luscious low-lying fog effect. The LSG works on demand and has the potential to provide high-output and long duration “Dry Ice” effect.


The LSX offers a cost-effective solution to long duration low-fog effects. It is an electric cooling unit that chills incoming fog from its companion fog machines to create a low-lying blanket of fog similar to that of the LSG.


The Dry-Icer is a small Dry Ice machine that is lightweight and powerful. The rate of flow is easily controlled. The unit’s 9kg Dry Ice capacity gives approximately 5-7 minutes of fog production.

Evaporative Snow

Evaporative snow is safe, realistic, non-toxic and biodegradable. Used onstage in performance or at events - to mark an entrance, highlight a design vignette or punctuate a moment. In an installation, at a mall, store or lobby, these effects can be run on cue or with a timer or motion detectors.

Evaporative Snow machines consist of a pump, blower and diffuser. The pump draws snow fluid from a reservoir and injects it into an airstream created by the blower. This forces the liquid through a mesh diffuser that turns the atomized liquid into tiny white bubbles. By controlling the amount of fluid being sprayed and the speed of the blower, we control the size of the ‘snow flakes’. Evaporative Snow Machines can be combined with a fan for extra distance and dryness.

Polyethylene Snow

Polyethylene Snow This is a shredded plastic product. Using our ultra-quiet, seven-foot long electric Snow Troughs we can create a gentle snowfall - onstage, in store windows, or over displays or vignettes. Combining bulk polyethylene snow and our fluffy white snow blankets is the key to stunning winter displays.


Bubble machines come in various sizes determining size and style of bubble. To create bubbles, purpose-made bubble fluid is blown through the machine using a fan.

Bubble machines can be hung or positioned on the deck depending on the desired effect and style of machine.

Haze Bubbles

Hurricane Bubble Haze takes party atmospherics to new levels.
It’s a haze machine.
It’s a bubble machine.
It’s both at the same time!
This multi-purpose atmospheric machine emits bubbles, haze, or even haze-filled bubbles, and its always-ready technology lets the unit run continuously to keep the party going.

See the Hurricane Bubble Haze in Action HERE

Water Mist Effects

Water Mist Effects are created when water at City water pressure is run through a high-pressure pump and fed out at 1000 PSI to a series of .008” “No-Drip, Instant ON/OFF” nozzles creating a fine mist. This is an excellent cost-effective solution for outdoor fog or smoke that needs to run for a long duration. This effect works well in existing fountains or pools.

Wind and Air Effects

Our Wind and Air Effects run the gamut - from a whisper to a storm. Using the large range of fans and blowers we have or compressed air we have the answer to your needs.

Custom Effects

AirMagic can design and build custom effects.
We’ll work together with your team to make your vision come to life.

Outdoor Advertising

From Smoke Effects to Animated Mascots, atmospheric and mechanical effects AirMagic Special Effects’ team can take your Billboard to a new level. AirMagic offers dependable turnkey Special Effects solutions for outdoor advertising.

Cool Mist Canopies and Fans

AirMagic has heat relief options for your outdoor events. The summers are getting hotter and Heat Stress and Heat Stroke, a major concern at outdoor events, are taken very seriously by Producers and Planners. Heat Stress and Heat Stroke prevention plans have become as important as a Fire/Evacuation Plan.

We have a pair of our Cool Mist Tents setup each year at the Honda Indy Toronto

Here's what one of the Honda Canada staff told us:

"... we received feedback that there was another misting station on site. Their guests were coming out of it drenched with water. Your set up was absolutely perfect. We were very pleased to invite guests to enjoy "ours"..."

What is Cool Mist?

Cool Mist Systems incorporate .008" spray nozzles and a high-pressure pump system that produce water droplets smaller than 8 microns. When water droplets this small hit the surrounding warm/hot air they "flash evaporate", taking energy, in the form of heat, out of the air. This reduces the surrounding temperature as much as 13° C (39° F), even in a humid climate like ours. All you'll need is a 15amp outlet and a water hose connection to a potable water source at city pressure and Cool Mist Canopies or Cool Mist Fans can help your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Cool Mist Canopies

AirMagic has Cool Mist Canopies in both 10' x 10' and 10' x 20' sizes. Each Cool Mist Canopy comes equipped with a high-pressure pump, distribution tubing and .008" nozzles. The Cool Mist Canopies require a potable water source at city pressure. We can supply branded canopies with three weeks advance notice, or we can install our Misting Systems into your existing tents and structures.

Cool Mist Fans

AirMagic’s 30”, 12,000 CFM Cool Mist Fans are sturdy, attractive, and easy to use. Using a potable water source at city pressure, the Cool Mist Fans provide instant heat relief. Our Master Units can send water out to satellite fans allowing for extensive coverage. To great larger coverage, our Satellite Units can be used and are fed from the Master Units with high-pressure tubing.

Custom Cool Mist Installations

Foam Effects

AirMagic has the technology and the expertise to make foam - in small, large or massive quantities. Whether you would like to fill a bathtub, a dance floor or a hockey rink we can rent you the equipment or send it out with our crew.

For foam parties, The SUPER FOAM DOME makes over 500 cubic feet of foam per minute.

NOTE: This foam is for non-slip surfaces. The foam can make the dance floor slippery. It is recommended that you use indoor/outdoor carpeting to prevent accidents.

The Snow Max Foam Machine is ideal for creating small quantities of foam for film, television and theatre.

Scent Effects

AirMagic has been creating Scent Effects for years. With our new Dry Scent Technology or our original Atomizing System, we can introduce a Scent of your choice into a room of any size, ON CUE, or all night long. Choosing from a vast selection of off-the-shelf options or a custom-made scent, our scents will add yet another layer of sense and illusion.

Scents Available

HAPPY HOUR – Cosmopolitan, Lemonade, Citrus Zest, Mint Julep, Mimosa, Apple Martini, Piña Colada, Flavored Margaritas, Strawberry Smoothie, Espresso-Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate & French Vanilla.

FRESH BAKED GOODS - Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Sugar Cookies, Vanilla, Hot Apple Pie, Gingerbread, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Buns & Fresh Baked Bread.

FUN STUFF - Sushi, Cotton Candy, Magic Marker, Popcorn, Waffle Cone, Pretzel, Leather, Dreamsicle, Vinyl, Crayon, Locker Room, Bubble Gum, Barbeque, Churro, & Basement.

FLOWER SHOP - Wedding Bouquet, Cherry Blossom, Flower Shop, Lilacs, Rose Garden, Roses, Jasmine, Floral Bouquet, Wildflowers, Lavender, White Gardenia, Wild Blossom, Floral, Potpourri, Plumaria, & Honeysuckle.

FARMERS MARKET - Delicious Apple, Peaches, Tomato, Pineapple, Cucumber, Orange Slices, Mango Madness, Fresh Citrus & Coconut.

THE CANDY BAR - Cherry Bon Bons, Fruit Drops, Sunshine Fruity, Mint Chocolate, Banana Taffy, Strawberry Burst, Spearmint, Peppermint Patty & Chocolate.

THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Snow, Spring, Fresh Linen, Grass, Ocean, Rain Forest, Sagebrush, Island Breeze, Mountain Air, Happy Day, Burning Rubber, Wet Dog & Stable.

CELEBRATIONS - Christmas Tree, Fireworks, Spiced Apple Cider, Peppermint Stick, Holiday Spice, Baby Shower, Engagement Party, Grand Opening, Cocktail Party, Easter, & New Years Eve.

THEME PARKS – Urine, Sulfur, Flatulence, Body Odour, Smelly Feet, Bad Breath and much more.


AirMagic's searchlights are 1000 watt Xenon units with motorized sweeping heads and adjustable beam angles.
They can project a beam of light up to 1 mile high.
These searchlights plug into a standard 15 amp/120 volt power outlet.

T-Shirt Guns

T-Shirt Guns can fire a t-shirt or other soft giveaway up to 80 feet, up to twenty shots per tank. Using a backpack mounted aluminum 5 lb. CO2 cylinder or our low profile gun, you can shoot T-Shirts, hot-dogs, Puffballs, Confetti or Streamers up to 80 feet.

Dancing Air Tubes

AirMagic’s Dancing Air Tubes are eye catching and entertaining decor that can be used indoors. They are solid-colour (White, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green) plastic 18" diameter vinyl sleeves mounted on 18" fans, lit with a 500 watt quartz light. These tubes are effective at heights up to 18 feet.